About Us

Established in Beijing in 2007, Measuresys is an intelligent manufacturing enterprise with high technology services, focuses in the RF/microwave field, and is a firm explorer under the “Made in China 2025” strategy. After years of accumulation, Measuresys forms the triangle pattern of RF/microwave test products, professional silent cabinets, and industry robots. Measuresys relies on products and technology with independent intellectual property rights, provides precise, efficient, convenient, and specialized services for customers, helps customers innovate business processes, and creates huge business values.


Measuresys focuses on technology, insists on innovation, pursues practicability and efficiency, carries out excellent services, faces challenges, explores new technology, pays close attention to needs, exploits the market, serves for the society, and orients to values.


Measuresys is honored as the “Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise”. Products are applied in projects of Intel, China Mobile, Qualcomm, Nokia, National Communication Measurement Center, China Telecommunication Technology Labs, China Academy of Telecommunication Research in Shenzhen, and other known enterprises and research institutes.


Measuresys has passed the ISO9000 Quality Management System Certification and obtained national patents.

Product Series


1. Long-term undertaking integration customization projects of RF and matrices oriented to large-sized enterprises and known research institutes, excellent strength in meeting customers’ individual needs, especially in the aspect of high-precision technical specifications.
2. Most cost-effective solutions for different customers, excellent quality requirements with reasonable cost budget.
3. Less delivery circle than similar enterprises and customers, at least 50% acceleration, meeting customers’ pressing demands.
4. Rigorous and professional research team, efficient and superior after-sales services.


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